RESPA-CFX2 Powered High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration

RESPA-CFX2 Powered High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration

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Product Description


RESPA-CFX2, the second component of a complete cab air quality system, provides powered, high-efficiency recirculation filtration with your choice of included MERV 16/F9 or HEPA filter in standard and extended lengths.

Most recirculation filters are are not effective at removing particulate at sizes that are harmful to human respiration, and provide little or no protection to your expensive HVAC components and cab electronics. The revolutionary design of RESPA RadialSHIELD filters allow them to do what other recirculation filters cannot, with 100% filter seal integrity and high-efficiency filter media options.


  • Protects the operator by reducing respirable contaminants that can be re-entrained into the airflow
  • Improves operator comfort by allowing HVAC to operate efficiently
  • Reduces dust accumulation, protecting expensive HVAC and electronics
  • In almost all cases, exposure reduced below PEL, facilitating regulatory compliance
  • 100% seal integrity eliminates filter bypass
  • Interchangeable filtration options
  • Durable, compact, and customizable

How it Works

  1. Debris-laden air enters the unit where it is whipped into a vortex by the fan blades.
  2. Particulate is flung to the outer walls as cleaner air is pushed through the filter.
  3. Air passes through a high-efficiency radial-seal filter, allowing only clean air to enter the HVAC mixing plenum.

Operating Range:
Ideal operation range: 0 CFM to 130 CFM (0 m³/min to 3.68 m³/min)
Extended operation range: Up to 250 CFM (7.08 m³/min)

Operation Temperature:
-40 °C to + 80 °C continuous; +100 °C short exposure

Glass-filled injection molded polypropylene exterior

Brushless Motor Specifications:
12V*: Startup: 20A; Running: 12A
24V*: Startup: 14A; Running: 6A
Operating Temperatures: -40 °C to 80 °C
The brushless motors include over/under-voltage, overheating protection.

Mounting Orientation:
Horizontal or vertical

Designed to promote cab pressurization when used in conjunction with the RESPA-CF2, even when A/C is off.

Three (3) Years from date of purchase

*Amperage numbers above are averages; actual motor amp draw may vary.
**Expected motor life based on standard operating conditions.


Installation & Service Instructions for RESPA-CF2, CFX2, FFX2, PFX [PDF]

RESPA CFX2 Brochures

RESPA® CFX2 Guide to Service Parts

Powered High-Efficiency Filtration
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