Cab HVAC Recirculation Panel Filter Support

Sy-Klone's High-Efficiency Cab HVAC Panel Filter Kits are our simplest to install recirculation-filtration solution, require only a one-time bracket adapter installation with no wiring or plumbing. Read more about this new filter line.

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Replacement Filter Part Numbers

Panel Filter Kit Replacement Filter Manufacturer Model Machine Type
PF701 PF001 Hitachi EX2600-7 through EX8000-7 Excavator
PF702 PF002 Caterpillar 785D Haul Truck
PF703 PF002 Caterpillar 773F Small Haul Truck
PF705 PF003 Komatsu WA270-6 Wheel Loader
PF706 PF003 Komatsu PC130-8 Excavator
PF707 PF003 Komatsu PC200-11 Excavator
PF708 PF004 Caterpillar D10T Dozer
PF709 PF004 Caterpillar D10T 2 Dozer
PF710 PF004 Komatsu 320E Excavator
PF711 PF004 Komatsu HD1500-8/HD605-8 TL Haul Truck
PF712 PF003 Komatsu HD785-7 Small Haul Truck
PF713 PF004 Komatsu WA270-7/8 Wheel Loader
PF714 PF005 Kubota SSV75 Skid Steer
PF715 PF005 Kubota SVL75-2 Skid Steer
PF716 PF006 Komatsu 830/960e - 2/4 model cabins Haul Truck